New product for Fall: The Schweinehaus Würst

Direct truck delivery, now in Atlanta and Arkansas.

Geldof banger comparison chart.

The Geldof compared with a banger from a national competitor




The Logistics

We sell to the trade via our regional distributors and our direct truck route.













F Nolan & Sons Victuallers LLC

We now have a direct-from-manufacturer truck route covering the Atlanta metro area, contact us for details.

Galler Foods Inc is our distributor for the Mid South region. Galler delivers in eastern Arkansas, west Tennessee and northern Mississippi.
(901) 794-4800.

A&B Distributers of Knoxville covers middle and east Tennessee.
(865) 525-9000

Sutherland's FoodService is our new Metro Atlanta distributor.
(404) 366-8550

New Orleans, Baton Rouge, gold coast. Truck delivery, contact us directly.

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America's local butcher

sausage dude
Fergus, the Sausage Dude

The Geldof banger is a craft, whole hog natural sausage with a Southern flair, with a smoky hint of chipotle. It's easily prepared in the fryer.


Our Southern-raised natural pigs are humanely slaughtered, chilled overnight, and processed and frozen the next day for maximum freshness. Our meat is never frozen prior to processing, and we use the minimum of chemical additives.

We also have a range of traditional mother-country and Southern pork products, including rashers, black and white puddings and traditional-flavored, natural-cased bangers, Wurst and country sausage.

We also broker a range of products from our processor, Cypress Valley Meat Co of Arkansas. This includes custom butchered lamb, hogs and beef, by-products, and various sausage products.

Our Products

The Geldof English-style banger. This banger, designed for restaurant use, plumps up and cooks perfectly in the deep fryer. Our fresh, leaner, whole-hog pork, reduced rusk and bolder spicing appeals to Southern tastes and, because they retain weight in the cooking, our 6-to-the-pound banger plates as big or bigger than a regular 5-to-the pound sausage. More banger for the buck and the most economical to prepare, with no pre-prep needed.

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**NEW**: The SchweinehausWürst, a traditional Bavarian style pork sausage. Simple and nice, our signature whole natural hog, no additives.


The McGowan, our one-ounce, Irish-style, breakfast version of the revolutionary Geldof banger, deep fries and plumps up in three and a quarter minutes. It has a crisp bite, meaty mouth and satisfying, bold spicing.


Our 'Spring Lake' country sausage This is a traditional country sausage, made from fresh, in-house slaughtered pork and absolutely no added chemicals. Cypress Valley Meat Co makes this for us using the process they've used for three generations. It tastes brilliant and, having a third less fat than regular pork trimmings, a 1.5 ounce patty cooks up to the same weight as the competition's 2 ounce patty.


Our Morrison Irish style banger is a fresh-pork whole hog banger with a very clean ingredient list, stuffed in natural sheep casings. Traditional and delicious, in a one-ounce link.


Our Chevron Regular is a traditional brine-cure back bacon rasher, clean, delicious and a fifth the fat of regular bacon, made from fresh pork loin.


Lynott Black Pudding, a pure form of the Irish blood sausage. Traditional ingredients includingfresh pork, suet, spices and herbs, salt, oatmeal.


Sharkey White Pudding, a fresh pork, suet and oatmeal sausage, in a natural hog casing.

Bulk Packages We sell 6-lb packs of Chevron and Geldof at a bulk discount, also 3-lb packs of bulk Geldof sausage meat. Inquire as to availability of custom packaging and casings.  

Redding English-style Entree banger, a 3.2 ounce version of the classic Morrison banger, in a natural hog casing. Perfect for bangers and mash.


Our guarantee of delivery

Most of our customers are served by our very reliable, old-line family-operated distributors. If you are outside our regional distribution zone we have very reliable FedEx ground and other services available, from our location in Memphis, FedEx's world headquarters.

...We Are America's Local Irish Butcher.