Adam Guerrero's Plantations:O Clyde

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Adam Guerrero bought this lot from Shelby County for $50 in January 2015. The County aerial view is here. The assessor value is $3,500. The street number is out of sequence. It is to the east of 1339 Empire and northand east of 1342 Clyde Ave. Some of the property is listed on Google Maps as part of Lucille Price Park.

Trash at 0 Clyde.


Trashed tires and other garbage and weeds at 0 Clyde

tirestires, garbagetrashg

More trash and tires at 0 Clyde


Trash and debris at 0 Clyde


Junked furniture, a fallen fence with nails and overgrown weeds and brush at 0 Clyde.


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